The only likely baptism record available for G-G-Grandfather Patrick was Patrick of Skiddys Castle Lane born in 1799, which would have made him an astonishing 90 years old at his death, not 61 as reported in the Cork Workhouse records.

The Workhouse records are certainly incorrect, as we know for sure Patrick married Ellen in 1834, and Patrick died 55 years later in 1889, so he simply couldn’t have been 61 when he died in the Workhouse, he MUST have been in his 70’s at the minimum.

Patrick was born in 1799 to parents Patrick and Ellen Miller (or Millerd/Millard), who lived at Skiddy’s Castle Lane, Cork

Patrick’s known siblings include a younger brother Robert (1800), younger sister Mary (1809) and an older brother Jeremiah (1794).

Ellen Byrne was baptized in 1807, her parents were Jeremiah Byrne and Mary Murphy, and Ellen had at least five siblings Mary (1799), Denis (1802), Honora (1805), Stephen (1805) and Joanna (1812).

At Patrick and Ellen’s marriage in 1834, and the witness is Jeremiah Byrne- surely Ellen’s father.

By 1840 a Robert Mellifont had married a Margaret Flannigan and they had a son also named Robert and the baptism sponsor is Ellen Byrne. This confirms the connection between a 40 year old Skiddy’s Castle Robert Mellifont and someone named Ellen Byrne- presumably a sister-in-law married to his brother Patrick.

In 1846 another Ellen Burns is baptized, presumably named after her aunt Ellen Mellifont (nee Byrne), the father is Jeremiah Burns (presumably Jeremiah Jnr.) and Patrick Mellifont is the witness.

For information on Skiddys Castle and Skiddys Castle Lane
(Mary Skiddys was the sponsor for Patrick’s baptism in 1799) –

‘Skiddys C Lane’ is depicted in this 1750 map of Cork. Look centre left just below the words “Gate 14” – there is a small depiction of the castle, with the lane leading away.


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